Empty stats

Hello guys, id like to remove missing values from my data set. I have filtered out the columns with no data and also transformed my date to a date&time format. I added the missing value node and configured it to remove row for number integer and do nothing for local date time. My result gave me what is screenshoted. Much help is appreciated

Hi @tense02 and welcome to the forum. This looks like air quality data - my favorite! :slight_smile:

I guess the question you’re asking is “Why do the results of the Statistics node look like garbage?” Unfortunately screenshots aren’t sufficient here as we need to see how you configured the nodes within the workflow to produce these results. (Also, you have a pretty wide dataset, and there isn’t a correspondence between the fields you posted in the screenshots.)

If your data confidential? If not, it would be helpful if you could upload an example dataset here, along with your exported workflow, so we can troubleshoot with you.


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