Empty Table Switch Node Problems in Knime 3.2.1

I have a condition where a row filter may generate empty rows so i am trying to use the Empty Table Switch to generate a row with the desired columns and use the cross joiner to combine both conditions.

However in Knime 3.2.1 this does not seem to work properly. See screen shot of simple example. The Empty Table Switch and Constant Value Colummn node at the bottom creates an empty table.

Not sure what i am doing wrong. 

See attached image for a simple example.


Hi Siriam,


the empty table switch will still output an empty table at the second tabel. You can use the Add Empty Rows node to add a row and than add the column you wanted to have.

Best, Iris

That did it.

I am new to Knime but i can already the see the community is awesome.