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I have a table and the component with the column filter configuration node (with the column filter node is the same). In the component configuration if I select at least one column is all OK but if I not select any columns the Empty table switch does not work well because there is a table with rows but no columns (why this is not an empty table?).

How can I split the workflow in two directions based on the condition that at least one column is selected or there are no selected columns?

Thank you

Hi @andrejz,

As per the description of the Empty Table Switch, it only checks for rows. (If there are no rows in the input data the second output is activated (with the empty input table)

In your case, you are probably better of with the Extract Table Dimension node.

See below small example:


Select no columns:


Get the table dimensions:


You can subsequently apply certain rules to your liking if Number Columns = 0.
Tip: this node automatically creates Flow Variable as well.


Hope this helps!


For a case, take a look at

node also.


Thank you it helps me a lot

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