Emulating if-then-else construct


I am a new Knime user, can you help me with this matter?

Is there a node that allows me to express if-conditions on string fields?

Thank you very much for your time,


Have a look at the Workflow Control > Switches branch in the Node Repository:

The IF Switch and End IF nodes will do what you need.

Thank you very much, but how can I express a condition like the following?


IF  client_ID= client_ID(-1) 
THEN timelapse =  hour(-1) - hour


I would like to use this condition to create a new variable timelapse but I can't find a node that would do such thing!

Thank you very much for your time,


Hello Silvia,

This task is easily solved with a combination of the Rule Engine and the Lag Column nodes.

Former lets you define IF-THEN rules, latter is necessary to give you access to the values in the last row by copying a column and inserting it with a lag.

Have a look at these two nodes and the solution will be straight forward.