Enable LigandScout license from command-line

Hello all,

I need to run a KNIME workflow on a server that, unfortunately, is not managed by me. My workflow includes LigandScout nodes and I have a serial number to activate the extension. My issue is that I have to active the extension from the command-line because I don’t have access to the graphical environment. Could anyone help me enable the extension from command-line?
I assume it should be as simple as place the serial somewhere, but I’m quite lost.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @ajbanegas

I have no idea if or how this is possible.
Let’s involve the experts from @inteligand directly and see :slight_smile:



Hi @ajbanegas,

Thomas from Inteligand here.

You are right, it is as simple as placing the serial somewhere :wink:

Please locate your KNIME installation folder. This folder should contain a file named knime.ini. In this file you can define startup parameters.

Add the following line to this file:


The </path/to/directory/containing/serial/file> should be a path to a folder on your system that contains a file named serial. This serial file should contain your serial number and nothing else.

If these prerequisites are met, the LigandScout node extensions will activate automatically.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!



Thank you all for your help!


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