Enalos KNIME Nodes are now available

Enalos KNIME Nodes are now available via KNIME Update Community Contributions (Domain Leverage & Similarity, Model Acceptability Criteria) http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/nightly/)

We have also implemented Mold2 integration with KNIME.  NovaMechanics Ltd through Enalos KNIME nodes made Mold2 available as an extension for KNIME platform. Enalos Mold2 KNIME node can be combined with custom made workflows and real time descriptor calculations combined with state of the art modeling techniques (WEKA, R etc). (You can download the node from our website: http://www.novamechanics.com/Mold2.php)

We are looking forward for your inquires or feedback about the Enalos Nodes.

 Hi novamechanics,

Thanks for the KNIME nodes you provided to the community, in my opinion they are very useful. Nevertheless I think the functioning of the Model Acceptability Criteria node is a bit confusing and should be clarified. For this issue I opened up the following forum thread:


I hope you can help with that.

Thanks a lot,


Enalos KNIME Nodes are very useful for my work. However, it is not successfully installed in my compute. The error is as follows: ‘Could not find any extensions that provides the missing node(s)’ . Could you help me? Thank you very much.

Dear @Ailan, please contact us at: enalos[at]novamechanics[dot]com in order to solve it

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