Enantiomer and Diastereomer Pairs

Hi Dmitry,

I have had a few problems identified from some of my colleagues in how do you go about pulling back all the structures (and their associated SAR data) which are enantiomer pairs and diastereomer pairs of each other.

I have found a way of doing it, but its rather cumbersome and not straightforward to novice KNIME users (by removing all chiral bonds etc with feature remover, converting to canonicalised smiles, then use GroupBy node and group by canonicalised smiles with a count on how match those smiles, then filter out all smiles which have a count of 1, then take this list and do a reference row filter include on the original dataset  to give all the structures which have a matching enantiomer or diastereomer - as you can see, its a little involved).

Is this something that could be easy to do in Indigo ? And if so, can there be an option to pull back enantiomer pairs, and diastereomer pairs ?

The reason this is useful is to look at comparisons between enantiomers or diastereomers such as cross reactivities, metabolism differences and so on. It can be very time consuming to do it by hand, and a little involved to do by KNIME currently.


So effectively its a node which immediately discards any achiral molecules. Then with the remainder, it looks for those which have either;

a. an enantiomer match and returns these results,

b. an enantiomer or diastereomer match and returns these results,

c. d. or there is no enantiomer or diastereomer match and returns these results, i.e. its missing any isomer pair.



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