Enforcing use of (Legacy) Quickform nodes?

I trying to make more usage of the quickform nodes, usually the legacy nodes within a metanode, so that one simply can use the configure settings of a metanode.

Is there a way to enforce the input? Even with a full reset, the standard value will simply be used if one "forgets" to enter a new value. Only thing I can think of is moving the input node out of the meta node, so that it becomes more "obvious" to use.

Additional q:

I still haven't fully understood the difference between the newer quickform nodes and the legacy nodes, aside from that only legacy seem to work within a meta-node? What am I missing?

I second this question! Also, the newer form nodes seem to be buggy when it comes to default values - somehow the INT value I explicitly placed in the metanode form would always be overridden by the default... Annyoing for my qucik implementation of predictor shuffling!



I'd like to bump this, hope it's ok.

One workaround solution I guess is using the command line where you define everything right from the start, but that isn't very practical either.

Hello you two,

There is a lot going on with the quickforms, so there are more reasons for this solution than I can name here.
But the difference you need to know is: legacy for meta-nodes, new quickforms for sub-nodes.

For the enforcement of the input: As far as I know there is no option to enfoce the user to configure a legacy quickform, but the new quickforms support this. Temporarily you could build a workaround by using an IF-Switch and if the quickform outputs the default value instead of executing the metanode normally, just output an error message.

Hope this helps for now,

Thanks for your input Ferry, much appreciated.