Enhancement request to auto layout


I wonder if there's a way to use the text width when wider than usual when aligning the nodes with auto layout. I'm getting text overlap sometimes which is not that great for inspecting the workflow. See attached screenshot.




You can set the grid spacing to a bigger value (on the far right of the toolbar). Auto layout uses this grid. There's also a snap to grid feature there. Not perfect, but it helps to keep the layout clean without the automatics.


(Also, I second the basic request to enhance the layout/interaction. Restraining the edges by snapping them to the grid and to 45° directions; auto-layout on the fly with options for both nodes and edges; automatic description-box line breaks; unequal node sizes; highlighting of sub-workflows like loops and try-catch; zooming with the mouse wheel; simplified panning; sensible sizing/positioning of pasted nodes, meta nodes and meta node ends... the possibilities are many.)

Changing the grid spacing doesn't seem to really influence the layout generated by the auto layout button. 

What do you mean with "really"?

First, let me say that I don't know if there where any changes recently, or how the layout works under the hood. But in my version, if I select "Show grid lines" and "Snap to grid", I can see that the auto layout uses the grid. It seems snapping has to be activated, and several different spacings may produce the same layout if both are compatible.

If you don't like the snapping, but want auto layout, or if you feel the auto layout is in general not good enough, I think there's currently no easy way around doing it manually...