Enhancing map views for better user experience

Maybe this is already covered in KNIME Server edition, please advise.

This is about OSM Maps Visualization. I need the displayed map to be properly zoomed in by default (I mean: in the desired coordinates and zoom factor), and also to display color and shape references.

As I see it this is not configurable in the OSM nodes.



there is unfortunately no way to set a default location and zoom level in the ‘OSM Map View’ node (the OSM nodes are entirely open source and there is no server edition). Neither is there a legend for the map markers (if you mean that with color and shape references?).
I will add those ideas into our ticket system, yet, cannot promise anything if and when it will be done.

For now, however, maybe the following might help you a bit:
The ‘OSM Map to Image’ node allows you to select a specific region (determined by a the lat/lon-coordinates of a rectangle and a zoom level) that is rendered into an image available at the first output port. By controlling the rectangle coordinates and the zoom level with flow variables you can feed in the parameters from somewhere else (e.g. a table) and/or automatize the image generation in a loop.


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