Enrichment plotter feature request


please remove the restriction that two different columns have to be selected. It is in fact useful to check the functionallity of the enrichment plotter.

Furthermore, the description of the node can be improved. What is the node doing exactly?

What does the threshold mean?
The description sais " if the y-axis should show the sum of data points that have values equal or greater than the threshold"
This does not say clearly whether the threshold is applied to the sorting values or the activity column. Apparently, it is applied to the sorting column.

The description sais further in the top "a row is considered a hit if the value is greater than 0". For many applications this might not be right and an normalization is needed in advance. I would appreciate, if I could set this threshold on my own, depending on the input data.

best regards




I just found the answer. I killed some connections to "turn off" some calculations. However, they were not completely disconnected in a way that they  were activated in the loop. So the loop was waiting for them to fininsh. Killing the remaining connections solved the problem.