Erlwood Knime Open Source Core not available

Hello everybody,
I have just updated KNIME, but now I cannot find nor install the extension “Erlwood Knime Open Source Core” (Erlwood Knime Open Source Core – KNIME Community Hub).
In particular, I would like to use the node “2D/3D scatterplot”.
Do you have any suggestion to fix this problem?
Thank you so much!

Hi @Giotto,

you have updated KNIME to… what? 4.7 or 5.0? Or are you using the nightly version?
In case of…

  • 4.7 it “should” work, could you send me a screenshot of the available software sites showing what exactly is used? See screenshot below of what I mean
  • 5.0 the Erlwood extension is not supposed to work. 5.0 is an early access without community or partner extensions
  • Nightly version it is not working currently

Please let us know what you used.

Best regards

Hi Steffen,
Thank you so much for your help.
I am using the 4.7.1. version. I looked at the menu “available software sites” and the KNIME community extensions were disabled. I selected “enable” and now I can download the node.
Thank you once again!

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