Error 403 while trying to access Amazon s3 Connection

I’m new to KNIME but I try to connect KNIME to my Amazon S3. I took the “Amazon S3 Connection” Node and the “Amazon S3 File Picker” Node. And now comes the problem and I think it could be a authorization problem in AWS. With a admin user with all permissions, I can use the Nodes without any problem. But with the user who has all permissions for this bucket, I’m not allowed to process with the content. I get a 403, if I want to read Data with the “CSV Reader” Node. Does anyone know which permissions my user needs or is there a different problem then the permissions?

Hi there @mlohrer,

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Not sure in which node you get 403. Amazon S3 Connection node?


Hi @ipazin,
Thanks for you reply! I get a 403 if I execute the CSV Reader which is connected to the S3 File Picker. The Amazon S3 Connection Node and the S3 File Picker have a green light.


Hi Maxi,

I get it. Will have to check a bit more and get back to you.


Hi @ipazin

I want to add some information:
I don’t know explicitly the permissions a user needs to read content from S3


Hi @mlohrer,

well if you are not sure about permissions you should first check that.

I think there are couple of ways to grant access to a user and/or change permissions on bucket level. See here for more info.


A slow internet connection is the main reason behind the error 403. If you are getting the same error code while you are trying to access the amazon service, then studying the facebook page content will be recommended to learn the total information of how to get rid of such issue.

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