Error after upgrade to 4.2.1

Hi All,

I have just upgraded KNIME analytic platform to version 4.2.1, my server version is 4.11 (Server small)!
Somehow I got error as below.
Do you have any suggestion of what went wrong?

Error occurred while loading workflow into memory: An error occurred during the creation of a job for ‘/Keng/100_TestServer/Test1’: Could not load workflow ‘’: Unable to load workflow ‘/Keng/100_TestServer/Test1’: Unable to load workflow, it was created with a future version of KNIME (4.2.1.v202008251157). You are running 4.2.0.v202007081304.



Hi @kengdeb

when you did the upgrade to 4.11.1 on the KNIME Server, did you also update the KNIME Server Executor?

If yes, can you in addition double check that there is no additional KNIME Executor process still running?

Hello Iris

Thanks for your support. We will looking at your suggestion. By the way, our KNIME server is Version: We have just installed it this week.

You’ll need to update the server to 4.11.1. That solves the problem.


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Hi @kengdeb

on default the server is not allowing to execute workflows which were created with a future version of KNIME. This can be allowed from the Server Admin, by enabling the following setting to be false:

We are not recommending our .0 releases for production purposes. So in any case as @Mark_Ortmann already mentioned updating the KNIME Server to 4.11.1 will solve this problem and bring you the most recent bug fixed.

Hi @Iris and @Mark_Ortmann

After upgrade to 4.11.1, the problem solve.

Thanks for your support.

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