ERROR Association Rule Learner 0:60 Execute failed: Java heap space

Hi I’m having trouble running the Association rule learner node due to space. I already followed the procedure described on but still the node won’t work. My mac has 8GB RAM and when running no other program is being executed.

What could I do?

Here is a collection of things that can affect the performance and stability of KNIME. But you will have to think about if the size of your data would fit the RAM at all. And in the end raw power cannot fully be substituted.

Thanks! It’s weird because I only have 1272 rows in my dataset. I also tried on a 32gb computer and the node failed again.

Could it be something in the configuration of the node?

That is also possible. Could you tell us more about that or maybe even share the workflow and the data (if it does not contains secret informations).

Here are a few examples of Rule Induction workflows:

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