ERROR \ BUG: Variables after Empty Table Switch Node

Hi there,
I am trying to send an error mail if the table is empty,
for that I use Empty Table Switch Node, If the table is empty I run a Java Snippet that creates Flow Variable - Error, Then I want to send that variable to the Send Email Node.

The issue is that the variable created but contains empty text,
while when I use Python Script the variable contains the right value,
the same Java Snippet also works good after the table creator.

From my experience I know that python takes longer to boot-up, so its bad for performance.
There is other way to create variables based on a table, not row to variable, something like creating string by two columns in table ?

Thanks !

@Rami_DS welcome to the KNIME forum.

Since your table is empty it will not contain any line that you could use as a flow variable. You might want to use the:

This example might serve as a further inspiration


Thanks ! ,
the Java Edit Variable node worked for me.


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