Error - Connecting With HTTP Node

Hi, tean.

I am on error with http connection Node.


HTTP Connection 6:46 failed to apply settings: Host invalid. Host must not include scheme, user, port, path or query.


My configurations:


User: usrRecPessoal

Pass: R3cP3sso@l

Port: 82

Could you please, help me ?






The HTTP Connection node does not have a field for entering a URL. It requires you to enter only the hostname because it merely establishes a connection to the server and not a specific resource (see also the node description). You can provide the path to a resource in subsequent nodes, e.g. the "Download" node.

Thor, thanks for the tip.

However, i like to another help.

II get to success 100% with to host, but the download node do not worked correctly.

My example:

 - File transacoes_dia_2013_07_03_164639.csv - 3,7Mb;

To work Workflow (file on post), the same Download file - 5kb

What´s happens ?





I Forgot the attachment, sorry.

I just tried your workflow and after changing the hostname, port, and path in the workflow the the values from your link, the file was downloaded correctly with the expected size (3.920.533 bytes).

Hi Thor - Any idea how I could solve the following problem? When I use a browser (Safari for Mac) for this address, a zip file is downloaded. But when I try to emulate same in KNIME using the HTTP connection + download nodes, the process times out (See attached workflow). Any help/hint would be appreciated. BR. Martin