Error Creating Workflow Unable to load... in use by another instance

Hi I am facing the same issue. Can you please help me?

Please find attached the backlog.

Thank you in advance!

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the KNIME Analytics Platform will block your workflow when your workspace is in use and when the workflow gets opened. So others cannot access the workflow at the same time.

If your KNIME crashes, there might be a leftover of this process. In this case go to the folder containing the workflow and delete the file .knimeLock
Afterwards you can use the workflow again.

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I only have a ‘.lock’ file and not a ‘.knimelock’ file. Removing the ‘.lock’ file doesn’t help. Any other idea?
It is also on all the workspaces, not just on one that I might have worked on last.

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Hi @camitommy

yes you are right this was a typo above you need to delete the .lock file.

When is this problem happening, when you are opening a workspace or when you are importing a workflow?

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

the problem happens when opening a workflow. It also happens with workflows in the “example workflows” included in new workspaces by default.

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Hi Tommy,

this is strange. Do you have read and write rights to the workspace?
I did read in the other thread that you can resolve the issue by using another workspace. So we need to find what is the difference between the workspaces. Are they maybe on remote drives? Or another disk?

Best, Iris

I am running into the same issue. I don’t want to change the workspace.
Sometimes even after changing the workspace, I can not open the workflow due to lock.

I have seen multiple post on stackflow about eclipse being the source of problem, however I could not get a clear solution

Please help

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