Error CSV writer

Hi there,
I’m getting following error while executing drug discovery workflow.
"ERROR CSV Writer 0:22:272 Execute failed: The directory ‘…/results’ does not exist and must not be created due to user settings."
How to resolve it.
Thank you.

Hello @teevino,

and welcome to KNIME Community! Can you share link to workflow which gives you above error?



Check the create missing folders Option in the Dialog and btw. … looks wrong I think you want to have two rather than 3 dots


Thank you @ipazin for your reply. that issue is resolved now.
Currently I am working on drug discovery workflow. I’ve executed all the 8 workflows. My concern is, what is the output when we done with workflow 7, i.e " Ligand-based screening: machine learning"
I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. Thank you.

@Mark_Ortmann Thank you, the issue is resolved.

Hello @teevino,

talking about this workflow?

Suggest to add your question/comment about this workflow on KNIME Hub (scroll to the end of linked page) and make sure to tag workflow owner so he gets notified.


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