ERROR Database Writer: No. of columns in input table > in database


I'm currently facing a problem when I'm trying to write some csv data on a mysql database table already created and currently empty.

I'm getting this error:

ERROR Database Writer      0:40       Execute failed: No. of columns in input table > in database;

And also it tells me that the first column that I have doesn't exist.

That is strange because currently the number of column created in the database table(currently empty) is the same of the csv data file. And also che column name and type is correct. The only exception is for the primary key identifier that is set as NOT NULL and auto-increment and for this reason is not present as column in the database writer node in knime.

Can someone give me any suggestions for fix it?


Hi gujodm,

Would it be possible for you to share an example workflow to see how you built the workflow?

Thank you,