ERROR Distance Matrix Calculate

Hi everyone, I am trying to use the Distance Matrix Calculate node but for some reason (today) it started to fail saying that:

ERROR Distance Matrix Calculate 0:1128:1135:103:8 Execute failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cell in row “Row865326” is missing.

I do not know what happened because I used that node yesterday in the current workflow [workflow A]. Is relevant to mention that I have a similar workflow [workflow B] with slight modifications compared to the A, but I can compute the distance matrix in workflow B.


I am attaching the specific bit that is not working, in that specific Workflow [workflow A]

*Silhouette.knwf (29.7 KB)

Any help will be appreciated as I have a deadline.


the workflow that you have shared works for me (AP 4.0.2). How can i reproduce the problem? From the error message it seems as if you maybe have a missing value in row Row865326? If you use some randomized algorithms (either for data generation or processing or modelling), then in principle you might have different data on each re-run (e.g. yesterday and today). If that if the case you can get reproducible results by fixing random seeds in nodes that have a random component.



Hi Mischa that really solved the problem, fix a random seed.

Thank you very much




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