Error during the connection to a Dynamo DB table

I am connected to Dynamo DB through Amazon authentication node and I can see correctly the list of all tables.
But when I use Amazon DynamoDb scan node and I select one table I have this error:

ERROR Amazon DynamoDB Scan 4:149 Execute failed: JSON must not be null

I found the same error in

What may I do?

Hello @Mauropv ,

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I am afraid you are facing the same issue what was mentioned in the earlier post you cited here. Unfortunately this still exists.
For the easier follow up of this issue I am giving here the internal ticket number that was created earlier to fix this case [AP-15515]. I have added a +1 to this from your side.
In our changelog you can follow up whether this fix is implemented in the future releases or not.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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