Error encountered during Keras learner training in KNIME 5.3

Hey KNIME Community,

I’m encountering an error while using the Keras Deep Learning Learner node in KNIME. I’ve checked my configurations and tried troubleshooting steps, but I’m still stuck.

Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Execute failed: An error occured during training of the Keras deep learning network. See log for details.

And here’s my
knime.log (3.4 MB)

Hi @AbdullahJafri99,

the log says:

The input shape does not match the tensor shape. [234, 316, 3] vs. [150, 150, 3]

at the Keras Learner Node. It sounds like the Learner expects all inputs to be patches of 150x150 (pixels) with 3 dimensions (=color channels), but you are feeding it with an input that is 234x316 pixels.

Can you try cropping patches of the requested size from your inputs?

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Thank you, Carsten, for your kind help. I have just started learning deep learning for the first time with KNIME. Sorry, Carsten but I’m unfamiliar with how to crop patches of the requested size. Could you please elaborate on how to do this within KNIME? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Carsten, Here’s the workflow: