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Hello evryone,

I have a column that is in the format dd/mm/yyyy as a string. What node could I use to keep this date format but convert it to the Date type?

I am looking for a solution or a node in KNIME that preserves the ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ date format but converts the column from String to the ‘Date’ data type.


Hello @madac

This is the node that you look for:


after execut String to Date&Time node, da data is like yyyy-MM-dd. not dd-MM-YYYY

after and before the string to date:

i need to look like before string to date node, but the cell type Date.

The KNIME internal date display format is yyyy-mm-dd. I don’t believe that there is a way to change the platform’s internal date format at this point. However it can be shifted back to string and duplicated into another column to match your display preference. I had always worked in the d/m/yyyy format in excel as well, but quickly adapted to seeing it in the KNIME format. (Which is a more platform standard format)

If you are worried about date display in excel or something at the end, then you can use the Write to Excel Template node. That way you can write date column type columns in and format the display in excel to show your preferred date format.

Edit: Try checking here in preferences to see if there is a rendering option for your preferred format. It will be a universal platform change if you make it though.


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