Error getting access and refresh token from google using post request

Hello community,

I tried to connect to a private google sheet using the example workflow "01_Data_Access/05_REST_Web_Services/05_Private_Google_Sheet-meets-Excel"

and it doesn't work. Here's the link for the will they blend post showing and explaining the example Workflow:

The first error I got was from the post request node, that there are two columns with the name "body" so I inserted a Column rename node to rename the column from the "Post Request Wizard" to bodyForPost. After fixing this I get constantly from the post request no JSON Column and the Status 400, which means "bad request" and the content type is

application/json; charset=UTF-8

		<p>The body of the post request coming&nbsp;from the wizard node is the following:</p>


Is there anybody who could run this example workflow and perhaps help me what's going wrong?

Thank you


Hi bengo, 

Could you please provide the workflow so I could see the problem? 



Hello Anna,

thanks for answering.

Attached you can find my workflow without the client secret. I hope you can work with it, otherwise I have to create something like a google test account or perhaps you know a better way without everybody getting access to my account.