Error Handling for an External Tool loop

I am new to KNIME and would like to implement an error-handling to a loop. But I do not know where to start the Try and Catch Errors. Here the description of my already existing workflow.
I have a executable file which has input file and I run this exe file with an External Tool node. The input for this exe file is coming from rows of a Table Creator node. For example, the table has 10 rows of input variables and the loop should run 10 times and write the output results after successful of each run. I am trying to bypass the execution error if any of the 10 input variables gives error and I want the error handling moves to the next input row. I think I need to use Active Branch Inverter node too. But I do not know where to start. Would anybody help me on this issue? Thanks

Hi there @moizadi,

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You are on the right path but don’t think you need to use Active Branch Inverter in this case as you are dealing with data ports. You can try putting External Tool node in between Try (Data Ports) and Catch Errors (Data Ports) nodes. For bottom input of Catch Errors (Data Ports) node add Table Creator node for example with some error message. Try it out and if any questions or problems feel free to ask.

Also you can go to KNIME Hub and look for some workflow examples with above mentioned nodes :wink:


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