Error handling nodes do not work for Wrapped Metanodes (when using WMs inside error handling process)


When I try to use error handling nodes (Variable Ports) for Wrapped Metanodes they don’t work as expected.
If the Wrapped Metanode is executed successfully everything is fine but if the Wrapped Metanode fails then the Catch Errors node won’t be executed.
I tried to include all variables inside the WM as well (incoming and outgoing variables) but whatever I do, if any of the nodes inside the WM fails the error handling doesn’t work as expected.
It seems it’s the same for Try and Catch Errors (Data ports) nodes as well.

Is there a way to include WMs beside other nodes inside error handling process?


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@Iris Hi; Iris
I’d like to know more about this. It would be nice to learn.

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Dear @armingrudd

I am sorry, but this is currently not supported. Wrapped Metanodes cannot be used inside try-catch constructs.

I will add the feature request a +1 from you.

Best, Iris


@Iris - has there been any progress made on this feature?
It would be very beneficial for large/complex workflows where multiple wrapped metanodes need to execute successful for a particular stream to be considered successful, and if any of the wrapped metanodes fail, the catch node would need to pass a default/fail-safe stream.

Thank you,

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Hi @davekalpak this is currently in progress, yes, we are hoping for a fix with the next release.

Best, Iris



works as expected in KNIME versions 4.1.4 and 4.2.