Error in Chi-square Keyword Extractor result

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In attached knime workflow I am simply reading data about movie reviews. If I set document title as “empty string” or “row ID” results are changing. Odd thing about this, anyways I am filtering title to empty string even if I set it as row ID with Number Filter.

C4_E2.knwf (22.2 KB)

Why and how are results changing? I think it should not change.

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Hi @asenkron,

that sounds interesting…
Would it be possible to share also the data that you use in the workflow?
I’m not 100% sure that i fully understand what are the 2 alternative scenarios. Could you maybe add two parallel branches in a workflow doing slightly different processing and highlight what is different between the branches? This would help to start debugging faster.


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did you manage to resolve the issue? If not, could you please provide further information? This will help a lot to debug what is going wrong.



I have employed parallel workflows with nuance. They resulted exactly the same in that case. But in another knime workflow results differ dramatically.

I attached data inside of C4_E2.knwf documents.

C4_E2.knwf (25.8 KB)
<a class=“attachment” C4_E2_parallel.knwf (42.5 KB)



Hi @asenkron -

When I look at your workflows, I’m not seeing any difference in the filtered Chi-square results based on whether the title is set to empty string or rowID.

I did notice that in the C4_E2.knwf workflow, the first Row Filter node excludes a “POS” value for the Category field, while in the newer workflow, the “POS” values is included.

Does this explain the discrepancy for you?


It makes sense. Sorry for inconvenience. it is my fault :frowning:

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