Error in Column Filter (PMML) node

Hi everybody,


I have a problem with the Column Filter (PMML) node:

I want to create a table with all columns which where used in a model which is in PMML format. It seems as if the "Column Filter (PMML)" node does exactly this. So I connected the original table and the PLMM document to this node and tried to execute it. However, I get an error message saying: "ERROR Column Filter (PMML) 2:6  Execute failed: ("NullPointerException"): null". I have attached a little example workflow for the problem...


Does anbyody have an idea what this error means and how I can solve it? 


Thank you for any advice!

Hi jb_,

This appears to be a bug, thank you for reporting this!

I have opened a ticket, our developers will take care of this.