error in esri Coordinate Row filter

I am using the Coordinate Row Filter in order to set if a point (Lat,Lon) is inside or outside a certain polygon defined by importing an Esri shapefile. The execution returns me this error:

ERROR Coordinate Row Filter 2:35 Execute failed: side location conflict [ (43.960302090265024, 12.33152736474238, NaN) ]

Can anyone help me understanding what am I doing wrong? Can be an error in the source shapefile?

Thanks to everybody

just to say that was an error in shape file

Hi Fabio,

Actually I am trying to do the same thing as you did before. But at the end of the workflow I have nothing that matches with a polygon. Would you describe how did you achieve that?


I’m having the same error, can you help understand how did you fix it? (my shapefile has no issue)

I every body, sorry for my being late…
I think i cannot be of help, because in my case the shape has an error and the polygon was not ‘closing’: as a matter of fact there was no polygon.
By correcting the shape file everything went ok.
If it is not that heavy you can post your shape and i’ll try to apply the filter.


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