Error in file reader node

Hi. I am a beginner in learning KNIME. I have a problem in executing a File reader node while trying to read a csv file. I encounter this error: “Data was truncated due to user settings”. How can I resolve it?

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hi @RoyaMm, welcome to the forum.

You haven’t given us any details at all, so the general and simple answer would be to change the node settings.

How is the csv file formatted? How have you configured the File Reader node?

It would be best if you provided your workflow as well as sample data so that we can actually reproduce the problem you’re encountering.


This sounds like a problem with inconsistent delimiters in your original file, but as @elsamuel posted without sample data we can’t be sure. Do you have a toy dataset you can post?

Incorrect - see Armin’s post below. :point_down:


Hi @RoyaMm and welcome to the KNIME forum,

This is not an error, this is a warning message which reminds you that you have applied some settings which has truncated (shortened) the data set. (e.g. skipping first n rows)



Thank you for your response. The csv file has 15 columns and 32562 rows and in file reader node I have determined read only the first 32000 rows.

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Thank you for your response. it seems the warning is because of selecting some rows.

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@armingrudd thank you so much.


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