Error in handling colname in pivoting node

Could it be that there is an error in the Pivoting node?

On my PC, the Advanced Settings|Column naming drop-down box shows 3 options, but each of these choices gives the same result (column names will be changed to origcolname+Aggregation method).

In contrast with the groupBy node, setting the different column naming options work as advertised.

I really need to have the same column names after the pivoting. Is there a workaround?


Dear RAPosthumus,

That behaviour is indeed a bit annoying, I already talked to some of the KNIME developers about it. Let's hope that they will make the "keep original names" option similar to that of the GroupBy node soon.

Fortunately, there is an easy workaround: Use a colum rename (regex) node, and set its configuration to "(.+)\+.*" and "$1". That way, only the part before the plus sign is used.

Thanks for your reply arbe. The workaround helps, but even in the case there shouldn't not be multiple columns with the same name, the pivoting node should in some way respond to columningnaming dropbox setting.