error in manually running Bat file on knime server

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to execute bat file manually, but I am not getting the results
When I checked the logs I found this error
can anyone help me out about how to resolve this error
ERROR main BatchExecutor Workflow file ‘E:\root\New_workflow\AbcFlow.knwf’ is not a file.
ERROR KNIME-ConfigurationArea-Checker ConfigurationAreaChecker Can’t check integrity of configuration area (“E:\KNIME\configuration”): The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file

Hi @Supriya_Deokar

sorry for coming back so late, I just stumbled over this one.

For executing workflows on the KNIME Server, you would either use the inbuilt scheduling functionality or if you want to include it in an existing application use the KNIME Server REST API.

You can find a documentation here:

Best wishes, Iris

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