Error in MNIST classifier

Dear KNIME community,

On the example:

The script is not executing, but only hanging. It is in the DL Python Netword Creator node.

You will notice if you go into it that even the ‘execute scripts’ button is grayed out. When you run it, it goes in some sort of an infinite loop.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Hi @knimeoutjie -

I’m able to execute the script OK on my machine. Are you sure you have the Python Deep Learning Preferences set correctly?

Go to File --> Preferences --> KNIME --> Python Deep Learning. Is the path to the Conda installation set, and are appropriate environments selected?


Thanks Scott,

Seems all in order to me

Do you agree this looks fine?


At first glance, yes. What version of KNIME are you using (4.1 perhaps)?

Is there any warning or error message visible in the log?


Hi Scott,

I am on version 4.1.3


Have a super day! I am hoping to get that running today!


Hi Leon,

How long does it take for the “Testing Python environment…” text to disappear after opening the Python Deep Learning Preferences?
Maybe it is just a coincidence that this text is being displayed in your screenshot, but it could also suggest that testing the Python environment takes exceptionally long, which might be a reason why the DL Python Network Creator node appears to be hanging.
We currently have a similar situation on our internal Windows test machines where importing the tensorflow Python package sometimes takes up to several minutes for some yet unknown reason. Maybe it is the same problem in your case since that package is also tried to be imported as part of the environment test.



Hi Marcel,

Just tested it and after 20 minutes the “testing python en…” is still there.


Hi Scott/Marcel,

When I start up the Anaconda Prompt I get this. On the top you can see that the first three comments refer to some file not being able to be accesses. It seems to be Keras related, but I have no idea how.

Would appreciate any comments,

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