Error in Python Script Node

When executing a python script node in Knime 5.1, I get following error:
ERROR Python Script 3:354:409:430 ValueError: could not broadcast input array from shape (1,9) into shape (1,1)

The same node was working in Knime 4.7.x.
Pleas help.

This is the location where I get the error:

for index, row in input_table.iterrows():
ip = {}
ip[“from”] = str(row[‘from’])

I found the issue. When one of the columns is of type list, this error is thrown.


Thanks for sharing the solution.
What happens if you execute the same workflow (specifically: with a column being of type list) on KAP 4.7.x?

I was not using that particular column within the script. But it was not throwing any error in 4.7.x. Currently I filter that column before passing into the script node.

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