Error in Upload node while uploading files to HDFS

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while trying to upload a file on to HDFS.

ERROR Upload               2:6        Execute failed: File does not exist: hdfs://<username>/<directory_path>/<file_name>.csv

This is not working when the file is not prevoiusly uploaded i.e. I am uploading file for the first time and I am opting for "overwrite if new" option in Configuration of Upload Node. 

In ideal case in such a case this should transfer file for the very first time and in subsequent runs it should check whether to overwrite or not.

If I choose "Overwrite" or "Abort" option it is working just fine and uploading the files

Please advise and check if this is an issue which needs to be fixed for the Upload node.



Rahul G


Hi Rahul,

I believe the behaviour you are describing is correct. If you choose the option "Overwrite if newer" it will check if there are older versions and it will upload the file if it is definitely newer. If you are uploading the file for the very first time you can use the "Overwrite" or "Abort" options.

Hope that helps,



Hi Vincenzo

The behavior is correct but in this case developer has to change the node property for different scenarios. Besides if it works fine for "Overwrite" mode, when file is not uploaded initially the same behavior is exepcted from "Overwrite if New" mode.

Basically it is not a showstopper kind of problem but an improvement suggested.

Thanks for the reply though.