error in widget nodes (date& time widget node, text output and table view)

Hello all,
I hope you are well.
I created an interactive component node (dashboard) but after interaction it give the following error:

The KNIME version is 4.6.0 (windows 10).
Could you help please!

Hi @Suad_Alshammari

Sorry you are encountering problems! Could you give a bit more info? All the widgets are in the component “Blood Pressure”? What exactly is the component supposed to do? Does the same workflow run on older KNIME versions? Do you leave the workflow untouched for a while?

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@Alice_Krebs Thank you for your response. The problem happened during the building of the workflow. I also tried to interact with the workflow using a previous KNIME version (4.4) I got the same error.

Hi @Suad_Alshammari
The error indicates that the widgets are trying to display something that they don’t find. If they don’t find it within 60sec, they fail with this error. Seems like it doesn’t find neither the user-defined input, nor the data that is handed over from previous nodes (Table View).
Does it happen only within the component, or also when the nodes are singular within the workflow? When so, do they display the data table at their output (NOT the interactive view)?

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@Alice_Krebs Thank you very much for your reply.
I figured it out. I removed the check box from the " use legacy mode" in the component layout window.

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