Error in writing on SharePoint list

I am trying to get some data from SAP-HANA to a SharePoint List using KNIME.
as below it gives me an error
ERROR SharePoint Online List Writer 3:131 Errors occured while executing batch request: [The specified column was not found (status: 404, code: itemNotFound, context: 1 columns cleared)]

ERROR SharePoint Online List Writer 3:131 Execute failed: Error during http reques

however the SharePoint list have the same columns of Node 128.

Any suggestions?
KNIME version : 4.7.2

Hi @RamyHussein -

Is it possible that some strange characters and/or encoding might be causing the issue? I note that your bottom branch derives its column names from a different source. Have you compared the tables in both branches just prior to the list writer to make sure there isn’t some very minor difference?

Thank you @ScottF , i check the SharePoint list characteristics. it has to changed from settings to contain the Large Number of data by assigning a Primary column
after i applied that, the issue solved


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