Error in writing the data back to MS Access

Hi everyone,


I'm new to KNIME,

I have problem in writing the data back to MS Access database, Please help me.

I tried to read the data from MS Access DB with the help of this link everything was fine.

Now when I'm trying to write the data back to the same DB after some transformation, I'm getting this error ERROR Database Writer      4:19       Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.1 unexpected token: STATE required: (

I'm sure I have missed something, Please help me correct that.

Here I'm attaching the smaple workflow just to help you understand what I'm trying to do, Please find it.


Thank you.

Also Please change the extension to .knime of the attachment if you can not open it.

Thanks you.



Or open this,


Hi Nagaraja_Ganiga,

I am not able to import the KNIME workflow. Could you please try to export it again?

Thank you,



Hi Vincenzo


I'm attaching the workflow again



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