error loading images with tifffile

I am trying to read images using python scripts as the image reader is too slow for large number of images, but I run into problems withe tifffile reader. Any idea why?
ImportError: cannot import name ‘parse_kwargs’ from ‘tifffile’ (/Applications/KNIME

MacOS BigSUr 11.0.1
KNIME 4.2.3
Python 3.8.5


Hi Marc –

The location of the file on disk suggests you are not using conda environments to help manage your Python dependencies. What steps did you take to install the tifffile package on your local system? (If you used pip, did you use any special flags when invoking the pip-install?)

I have not used the tifffile package before, instead using either pillow or opencv to read in images and make them available as NumPy arrays to do my work. Looking at the code inside tifffile, (1) I can see the parse_kwargs() function definition, and (2) I observe that tifffile is organized as a multi-file module or package which, when installed on disk, should contain a directory structure like .../tifffile/ but this does not seem to match the directory structure on your system. This makes me even more interested to understand how you installed tifffile on your local system.