Error loading nodes


How to configure Knime to load any node ignoring "The system cannot find the path specified"

I get this error :


ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable                Status: Error: Unable to load node with ID suffix 173 into workflow, skipping it: The system cannot find the path specified

Which node is not loading?

If you cannot see it, you can go into the folder containing your workflow in your file browser. And search for the Node ID.

Best, Iris 


It is not just one node-it is all nodes that i have used before that contains a path to a specific file. Now those files are no longer exists. So Knime 3.5 open the workflow with those nides and in this way  I'm losing many nodes and their connections

Inline image 1

I do not see this screenshot, you need to attach it.


Ok now it is attached.

Hi malik,

Some questions for you:

1) Could you please try to have a look at the files that look like to be broken? Are you able to see them in the workspace of the workflow or workflows that seem to be corrupted?

2) Are you able to see the node IDs that are missing in the workspace containing your workflows, as Iris asked?

3) Has the last version of the corrupted workflows been saved in KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5, or were you using another instance of KNIME Analytics Platform before?

4) Could you please describe in details when it happens? Can you somehow reproduce this issue? Does it happen even if you try to use another workspace? 

5) Could you please share a corrupted example workflow?

Thank you,



I just redo the process of export/import and now it works fine. The export was by Knime 3.5 while import was by Knime 3.5.1