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I have 2 KNIME installations. One with upgrade from 3.2 and another one is new 3.7.2 installation. The first one has Error Log tab, the second one does not and I did not find the way to activate it.

Hi @izaychik63,
Do you mean the “Console” tab? You can enable that by clicking in the Menu “View” > “Other” > “Console”.

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Thank you, Johannes. I have console but it does not have Error Log. Is it appear only in case when errors are present?

Usually, there should be at least a welcome message in your console once you start knime. It will show errors once they occur. So for me it looks like this (with some errors for illustration).

I mean the tab 2 is not a part of new installation.

Hi @izaychik63 -

Is it not available under the File -> View menu? Or via the keyboard shortcut?


Here’s my menu.

Interesting! I will defer to @johannes.schweig then, since I am not sure what’s going on with the UI in this case.

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