Error message after SVL script execution

Hello everybody,

I'm currently using a bash script which involves a call to SVL. "Bash" Node allows me to call bash script, and the execution of the SVL script is attended to outside workflow : That is normal.

BUT : While my jobs are finished, KNIME gives me an error message corresponding to the output of my SVL command.

Could you please give me more informations about this problem ? Is it possible to force the "Bash" node execution ?

Best Regards,

Baptiste CANAULT


Please accept my apologies for this silly question. I have found the solution for my problem. It is really simple : it was sufficient to uncheck "Propagate Stderr to Exception" in "bash" node settings.

Consequently, it is possible to call SVL script with Bash in KNIME :).



Hi Baptiste, 

Thanks for the udpate.