Error Message from OMERO reader after 2.6.2 installation

Hi everyone,

after a successful installation of knime 2.6.2 on a W7 PC with AMD dual processor C60, I got

the following error message just opening Knime

ERROR     OmeroReaderNodeFactory     CODING PROBLEM    XML node file does not conform with DTD: The content of element type "tab" must match "(option)+".

Anything that can be fixed manually or something new to you?


Andrea Zaliani


Hi Andrea,

this error indicates, that one of our node documentations was not in the right format. Thank you for pointing that out! We somehow overlooked this, as we are currently heavily working on the OMERO Insight integration and it's documentation.

Anyway, I just fixed it :)! If you update the KNIME Community Contributions Nightly Build tomorrow (using the KNIME update mechanism) the error should be gone.

Thank you again!



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