Error message from pulling hadoop data via PRESTO


I have pulled data from Hadoop with PRESTO and found message “ERROR Database Reader (legacy) 2:383 SQL Exception reading Object of type “3”: Value is not a number: java.lang.String - all further errors are suppressed and reported on debug level only”

Database Connector (legacy) --> Connect hadoop
Database Reader (legacy) --> Read data from hadoop with PRESTO

I tried to update .jar to the latest version but it still show same message.

With error message, All Number(Double) columns are null(?) but for string and integer columns, I can get data as normal.

Can someone suggest me how to fix it?

PS. I pulled data from Hadoop via Presto in DBeaver, I can get data as normal.

Hi @Ryu336217,
welcome to the KNIME community!
Is there a stacktrace to this error in the KNIME log (View -> Open KNIME Log)?

Do you face the same issue with the new DB nodes?

best Mareike

Hi Mareike,

I tried to change node from Database Connector (legacy) to DB connector.
I can get data as normal.

Btw, before update KNIME to 4.1.1, Database Connector (legacy) still work as normal.
Not sure what is happen. But no issue right now with DB connector.

Thanks for suggestion

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