Error-Note in Report Designer (Chart)

We use Knime in Version 4.5.1.
If I add a chart into the Report Designer und Select the correct data into the Series (it works with other charts that already exists in the Report; but they were made with a former version) an error-note is shown (please see picture).
How I have to handle this? The selected data were correct and are availiable in the “data to report” in the workflow.
Thank you,

@JZ_cgn Hello and welcome to the Forum,

When opening the workflow does it have a message that the workflow was built from a previous version?

Also are you attempting to add new functionality / data to report into this report, or was it existing functionality / data that now no longer works in the 4.5.1?

From my quick research it seems that it may be a binding issue related to the data that you are attempting to preview in the chart. Finally I am curious what occurs when pressing the Fix it or Proceed without Fixing buttons.

Thanks for your patience,

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