Error number ports in recursive loop (Knime 4.5.0)

I just upgrad knime to 4.5.0 and get an error i don’t understand with new recursive loop management. See

I add a port to loop start node, the loop end node has already two ports but i have an error message : number ports for end node is one which differ obviously from the start node.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Joel_P ,

in general, the “Recursive Loop End” node has more ports than the “Recursive Loop Start”: some (>= 1) ports are used to retrieve the output (that is accumulated with each iteration or only gives the last iteration result, depending on the loop end settings) and the other ports are used to feed data back to the loop start node in each iteration. The number of recursive ports on the loop end node must correspond to the number of recursion ports of the loop start node.

In your case you’d need to add another recursion port to the loop end node and feed it with what you want to have at each. This should then satisfy the error message :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks.
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