Error of "Json to Table" node due to long number


Json to Table node got an error when the data has long number.
The length of the number is about 40.
How can I convert this json to table?
I think Json to Table node convert this number to Number type but it should be Double type…

I’d appreciated it if you help this problem.


Hi @hhkim , it would help if you showed us what you are doing, and provide some sample data where we can test/play with

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Thank you for your help!

I attached test data and workflow.

I tested it again and it worked but the value was changed.

  • original number : 12345678901234567890123456789
  • changed number : 5097733592125636885

number_test.txt (38 Bytes)
number test.knwf (9.4 KB)

Thanks @hhkim . I’ve not taken a look at your workflow yet, but the integer type that can hold the biggest number is a Long type, and 12345678901234567890123456789 goes way beyond what a Long can hold.

The only way around this is to treat this value as a string.

A double type that you suggested would also be as limited, and would be represented as a float.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Then how can I add double quotation to long number in json?
Will “Json Transformation” node help to solve this problem?


Hi @hhkim , I’ve loaded your workflow. You can manipulate the data before transforming the string to JSON.

I can’t see your whole data to come up with a more generic manipulation, but for your sample data, the idea would be to transform:

I added the quotes via the String Manipulation node:

And now I have this:

With this modification, I get the proper value when converting JSON to Table:

Here’s the workflow: number test - Bruno.knwf (11.3 KB)

Obviously the manipulation can be more complex with more data. If you have issues with real data, we can help come up with more generic manipulation.

Thank you so much.
I will try it with real data.


Hi @hhkim,

you could also use JSON Path Node, because there you can specify which format the output should have:

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Thank you for your help.

I used “Json path” node and it helped to solve this problem.
Thank you so much.

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Hi @hhkim

JSON Path is definitely an option, but this will retrieve just this path. Given that you used JSON To Table, I assumed that you wanted to translate a whole JSON string into multiple columns in a table.

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