Error on Keras

I get the following error message:

ERROR RepositoryManager Category ‘keras’ from plugin ‘org.knime.dl.keras’ could not be created in parent path ‘/labs/deeplearning’.

Anyway to solve this?

Hi RAPosthumus,

what version of KNIME are you using? Also, could you provide your knime.log? Both would help us tracking down the issue. Thanks!


I’m using v3.5.2.v201802051426 on windows 10.
Log file is (91.2 KB)

To give you a short update: you apparently found a problem that never occurred before - so thanks for reporting! :slight_smile: Consequently, we have to further look into the problem to see what’s going on.

We’ll keep you updated.


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I am having exactly the same issue with KNIME in Windows 10 ver 1803. I think it might be because I have not set up a python environment for use in KNIME. I am using Anaconda python 3.6.5 as my default python. I will try setting up the environment and will post the result.

EDIT: Okay, I have set up a python 3.5 environment for KNIME, and I used this to install keras. I use a bat file to activate the environment. After rebooting and again launching KNIME, the keras error no longer appears in the KNIME console, and the keras nodes have been properly installed.


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