Error on Logging into Knime Example Server on 3.1.1



I am running on 3.1.1 and I just got the same issue now, with the same error message : Connecting to server "" failed.
User 'guest' cannot be authenticated, probably the password is wrong

Kindly advise.



Suzy L

Hi Suzy,

sorry about that. We are currently having attacks on our server and after x wrong password the user guest is locked automatically. It is working now.

Sorry for the trouble,

best, Iris


I've just joined up and am having the same error on Version 3.1.2.  Can you please advise



Dear Anna,

we have a fix online for this. If you please got to File -> Update KNIME... and after the installation do a restart this is resolved.

Best, Iris 


I'm using KNIME 3.2.1 on Mac and I have the same error.


Try to check whether the spy program called "RelevantKnowledge" is installed. Its uninstallation helped me to solve the problem